Job Search – 8 Qualities of Final Interview Candidates

By: Giana Flores

Two men shaking hands after a final interview, confirming the job offer.

In the hiring process, businesses are looking for the person who is going to work best with their company. You, as an applicant, need to stand out from the competition to make it to a final interview and ultimately receive a job offer. You might wonder how many candidates make it to the final interview and how you can be one of them. Based on certain qualities, the hiring manager will have a good idea of who their best candidate is. In this article, we will explain how many candidates make it to a final interview and the 8 qualities you need to be one of them.

Securing a Final Interview

To outline how a job applicant makes it to a final interview we will go through the hiring process. Job interview statistics show a business may interview six to ten people for a position, with at least two rounds of interviews before receiving an offer. Additional interviews might take place if the hiring manager can’t identify applicants who meet their standards.

The first phase the hiring team conducts is typically a phone interview. It provides answers to basic information about the candidate to ensure the employer they are qualified to proceed. Some prospects will only reach the phone interview stage of the recruiting process and will not be invited to a second interview.

Moving forward, a recruiting manager will invite about two to four prospects for an onsite, second interview. However, during this step, if managers aren’t satisfied they will continue to look for fresh prospects.

A job candidate that is extended a final interviewer is an ideal candidate that recruiters find of worth and likeable. The type of qualities they present are the 8 qualities we will outline. No job seeker is flawless, but everyone should aim to improve on a regular basis. As a result, recruiters, hiring managers, and human resource professionals will favor hiring people that radiate these 8 qualities during their interview: sociable, confident, positive, passionate, ambitious, responsible, good memory, and loyalty.

1. Sociable

Employers are likely to make you an offer if they like you. When it comes to hiring new employees, those that fit in with the present company culture are given the most priority. It’s critical to demonstrate you are sociable and along with that, show that you have good communication skills. Say hi to the people you meet in the office, get to know their role and how you can develop a relationship with them.

Whether it be a phone interview, video interview, or onsite interview, hiring managers will notice if you are a sociable person and also if you are not. Be sure to smile and take interest in the interviewer. Ask questions that show you are interested in the person and even give sincere compliments. People that are sociable are the types of candidates that make it to a final interview.

2. Confident

Nothing gives you a bigger confidence boost than knowing exactly what you bring to the table. Individuals who are confident in their skills stand out. Hiring managers will notice that you will require less training and reassurance than insecure workers, saving time and energy for the management team. 

Exuding confidence in your interviews shows the employer that you are capable of the job you are applying for without even showing work. Being prepared comes into play with that, confident applicants know they have set apart skills that are required for a job. They have read the job application and have the validation from themselves that they can do the tasks required, they just need to ensure the hiring manager can see that as well and that’s where other qualities come into play.

3. Positive

Positivity can change any negative mood or situation from bad to good. During the job interview process, you as a potential employee must be positive about yourself and the company you’re interviewing for. Accentuate the best attributes and skills you can offer and when you’re asked the famous question: “what are your weaknesses?”, shift your answer to something positive to explain that the weakness is not a problem. 

Positive people are typically vital members of a team and help to build healthy work environments. Being positive is attractive, people want to be around others that lift them and see the best in negative situations. You are almost guaranteed a final interview if you positively market yourself and speak positively about the company.

4. Passionate

Employers look for someone who is passionate about their work. A person who is passionate has a deeper drive to accomplish their duties than a person who is not. If you are truly interested in the job you’re applying for, your excitement and passion will show behind the experience displayed in your resume and the hope for the future that you illustrate verbally.

Make sure you tell stories and share positive statistics about similar work you’ve done. Use body language and voice fluctuation to your advantage while expressing your feelings towards the job so the hiring manager knows this really matters to you. If the interview requires a portfolio, be excited about the work you show, be detailed about the process and show how proud you are of your creation. Being passionate about your work will not just impress the hirer, but it will make you an irresistible candidate.

5. Ambitious

Ambition is a fundamental quality that companies seek. It suggests that a person has a goal in mind and is striving to improve both themselves and their surroundings. Ambition takes passion and puts it into action. You might be wondering how you can show ambition in a job interview and the answer is simple, the experience and statistical performance you’ve displayed in your resume and what you explain verbally.

Express to your recruiter about your great desires, they’ll probably find it useful in assessing your value to them. Being ambitious increases your worth to any company, they will see that you want to grow and make things better. Ambition is a big quality that any company will benefit from.

6. Responsible

Hiring managers and recruiters look for people who are responsible. Applicants who have this quality are more likely to be noticed. As a responsible person, you arrive on time, execute your responsibilities according to instructions, and speak with management when a question or an issue comes up.

During the interview process, you show that you are responsible by showing up early and have all the documentation needed. Before the meeting, make sure you know where to go so you aren’t late and don’t have extra stress about finding the office. If it’s your second interview with a company, address people you’ve met already by their name. 

7. Good Memory

A good memory is useful in almost anything, especially in a job. This quality makes you stand out from others and it will give you an advantage in the training process. Aside from that, a good memory allows you to recall important information that others might have forgotten. As stated before, in a second job interview, greet people you’ve met by their names, it will surprise them and it will help you form a deeper connection to them. 

Proving to have a good memory will make you a strong candidate. When you answer an interview question, recall specific quantifiable data and reference lines from the job description. Businesses will notice that you will be organized with your tasks if you have a good memory.

8. Loyalty

Training a new employee takes time and money, so companies like to hire people who can envision themselves working with them in the future. Express to the interviewer that you are looking for long term employment. They are more likely to hire you rather than someone who will only be around for a short period of time.

It is a skill to be loyal. This entails speaking well about the company to co-workers and people outside the organization. Looking back at some career advice shows that people who are loyal to their company are happier. The recruitment process is long but if a candidate is loyal, they are worth the wait. 


While recruiters, managers, and hr representatives do not require all of these qualities, the more you possess, the higher your chances of obtaining a second interview, and eventually a job offer increases. If you feel that you lack a few of these qualities, remember that no one is perfect and that qualities are developed over time. Few people are chosen to move forward in the interview process so inside and outside of a work environment, put these qualities into practice and you will be a person that people want to be around and work with.

At MySmartSearch we are dedicated to the quality of a hire and we select the best candidates for our business partners. This is why we go through an extensive process to ensure that the people being sent to our clients are high quality individuals with the experience necessary to be successful. Smart Search understands that employees make or break a company, but a qualified candidate with the 8 qualities above is expected to be the best, work with us, and expect nothing less.



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